PvP Mode

PVE mode is a play modes of Galaxy Cup. PVE mode allows the players to choose NFTS which they own to participate in a match with the system. Each NFT can participate in the match for 5 times a day. Depending on the NFTS you own, your chances of winning will be different. The higher stars NFTS, the higher win rate.( Maximum level is 3 stars Nft )

The win rate of the NFTS is according to the ratio below :

- 1 star Football Team: 60 %

- 2 stars Football Team : 80 %

- 3 stars Football Team : 100 %

The player will receive 220 $ GCG as a reward when they win in the round. And the player will only receive 30 $ GCG tokens if they loose the game . During the game, The players have the opportunity to receive the items such as team shirts and shoes which can be used to upgrade the team.