Taking players as the center & taking the world cup as the basis for development: Creating a playground for all the football lovers out their , thereby building a strong community to orient development in the long-term and sustainable future steadily.
Most of today’s money-making games have difficulty in attracting players because the market has not yet created a strong game trend, so Galaxy Cup GameFI aims to lead the way and create a new trend in the NFT game market by constantly updating and changing football leagues through Tournament is our goal. Galaxy Cup GameFi is also oriented to keep tokens stable and suitable for users with low initial investment and still being able to experience and access all the features of the game.
When the game economy is healthy, Galaxy Cup GameFi will lower in-game taxes, allowing current players to reap the rewards. If the game economy stagnates, Galaxy Cup GameFi will gently raise the taxes incentivizing the value of in-game tokens, and use some of the revenue to boost the marketing budget, attracting more players into the game.