Galaxy Cup Gamefi


Galaxy Cup aims to be the greatest football based NFT game on the blockchain by allowing everyone to play games and upcoming tournaments which will be held live on all football matches. Each team will be formatted with 1 NFT corresponding to the team level ranked by FIFA.
Galaxy Cup GameFi has a total of 32 NFTS , equivalent with 32 teams in the world cup. The teams will be divided into 3 different level : 1 star , 2 stars , 3 stars . The higher the star, the higher the win rate
Our main token is $GCG which is deployed on the Binance Smart Chain Network (BSC) because of its low gas fees nature. It is main in-game currency in our game so in order to buy NFTS or interact with game users must have our token to buy nfts and start playing the game. Additionally we have also enabled staking features in our games. So it can be profitable for both investors and players.
With Gamefi, Socialfi, NFTs, Defi, Entertainment, and other services, we provide players an exceptional entertainment experience as well as ways to help them monetize their ownership of virtual properties. All players in this ecosystem will profit from their participation.
Last modified 11mo ago